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Sedation is used by our dental professionals here at North Richardson Dentistry in order to make patients as calm and relaxed as they can be. Making sure the patient is comfortable at all times is always our number one priority. We aim to make all of our procedures painless for patients, and that’s what the proper use of sedation allows us to do. There are different levels of sedation needed depending on which procedure is being carried out. Our team of dental experts understands which kind of sedation is appropriate both for the needs of the patient and the procedure itself.

When the procedure being carried out is one that’s relatively minor and doesn’t require strong sedation, a minimal option is taken. The point of minimal sedation is to make the patient more relaxed than they would otherwise be without the need for them to be put to sleep during the procedure. It’s ideal for people who are nervous or anxious about the procedure that’s about to be carried out. And it can also numb mild pain that might otherwise be experienced. It’s very common and our dentists use minimal sedation practices almost daily.

The next step up after minimal sedation is known as moderate sedation. If you experience this type of sedation, it will feel like you’re halfway between being asleep and being awake during the procedure. It’s a stronger form of sedation than the one mentioned above, but you won’t be completely asleep while the procedure is being completed by the dentist. When you come around after the procedure, the chances are you won’t remember much about what happened while the procedure was being carried out.

Deep sedation is another form of sedation that doesn’t quite put the patient to sleep. Instead, this option leaves the patient almost asleep during the procedure, but it doesn’t take very long for them to be woken up when everything is done. Then there is the heaviest form of sedation, in which the general anesthetic is used to keep the patient unconscious for the duration of the procedure. This is usually reserved for things such as dental surgery when the patient needs to be still and asleep for the surgeons to be able to do their jobs correctly. All of these options have their benefits in certain scenarios.

Whether you end up using moderate, minimal, or deep sedation will come down to what kind of work is being carried out. This is something that will be discussed with you in more detail when you come to our practice and consult with our sedation dentist. A sedation dentist 75080 will ensure you get the outcomes that you need. As a result, the procedure you go through will be entirely painless, and you won’t be exposed to any unnecessary stress or anxiety as a result of it all. That has to be a positive thing for you, so get in touch with us here at North Richardson Dentistry if you want to learn more.


★★★★★ What a great dentist office and staff they have at Dr Thompsons. I have avoided going to the dentist for a very long time which is a bad thing. After my 1st visit with Dr Thompson and his staff, I finally understood that it doesn't have to be a bad or scary thing to go to the dentist. Well, my years of neglecting my teeth meant that I needed major work done. Luckily, they offer a financing program that is allowing me to pay off the work that I had done with interest free monthly payments. If you've been looking for a dentist that will eliminate your fears, do great work and has a kind and friendly staff, make an appointment at Dr Fred Thompsons office. You can thank me later.
Brian Reynolds


★★★★★ Genuinely friendly, meticulously professional, and clearly very experienced...I hope no one in the office retires!
Dave Woods


★★★★★ Wonderful people!!! professional, fun and always on time. they make dentist appointments and teeth cleaning easy.
Shannon Blythe


★★★★★ Dr. Thompson is honest and trustworthy. He is also dedicated to a job done right and a happy patient.
Vanessa Mayberry


★★★★★ I have been to many Dentists in my life, but I never will go to any other Dentist than Dr. Thompson. I don't care if I live in Canada, I will fly or drive to have this Doctor be my dentist.
Cory Gropp


★★★★★ I came to North Richardson Dentistry Associates to have a consultation appointment with Dr Fred Thompson, to improve my smile before my big day. Dr Thompson is a well known respected dentist, so I knew I was in good hands.
Sheri Forati

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