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Dental implants at North Richardson Dentistry Associates provide a permanent solution to replace lost or damaged teeth. Made of tiny metal frames or posts that are strategically placed in the mouth by Dr. Thompson, these structures fit into the jawbone and are completely hidden underneath your gums. Once in place, our doctor can fit the new teeth onto them. If you have lost some of your teeth or damaged your teeth due to severe dental issues such as gum disease, dental implants may be right for you. Call us today!

About Our Dental Implants
Doctor Fred Thompson

About Dr. Bryan Countryman and Dr. Fred Thompson

Dr. Bryan Countryman and Dr. Fred Thompson are two of the most talented and experienced professionals in the dentistry industry, spearheading a prominent dental clinic in Richardson. You can truly trust them with your oral hygiene and any treatments that might be carried out going forward. Everyone who goes to a medical dentist for help wants to be greeted by someone who’s competent and understanding. They’ll make you feel at ease with the situation and explain to you in plain language what’s going to happen in the treatment. They genuinely believe in the value of a perfect smile and they work step by step with each patient of North Richardson Dentistry Associates. We care about high standards and ensure they’re always upheld. Our affordable dental care is for all the family: we cater to adults and children alike, and also offer stellar braces and cosmetic services.

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We have a professional team of experienced dentists, and they know what it takes to provide cosmetic treatments to improve your smile. All of these treatments are priced reasonably, so you won’t need to pay a small fortune to get the outcomes you’re looking for. We’re proud to always do our best for our customers, and that starts with the price. Our procedures are carried out in a way that is quick and painless, which is a top priority for many people seeking cosmetic dentistry. Call North Richardson Dentistry Associates today for more information.

About Cosmetic Dentistry

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★★★★★ What a great dentist office and staff they have at Dr Thompsons. I have avoided going to the dentist for a very long time which is a bad thing. After my 1st visit with Dr Thompson and his staff, I finally understood that it doesn't have to be a bad or scary thing to go to the dentist. Well, my years of neglecting my teeth meant that I needed major work done. Luckily, they offer a financing program that is allowing me to pay off the work that I had done with interest free monthly payments. If you've been looking for a dentist that will eliminate your fears, do great work and has a kind and friendly staff, make an appointment at Dr Fred Thompsons office. You can thank me later.
Brian Reynolds

★★★★★ Genuinely friendly, meticulously professional, and clearly very experienced...I hope no one in the office retires!
Dave Woods

★★★★★ Wonderful people!!! professional, fun and always on time. they make dentist appointments and teeth cleaning easy.
Shannon Blythe

★★★★★ Dr. Thompson is a helpful and lovely dentist. He makes sure all his patients are satisfied with their dental procedures and makes sure the job is done correctly.
Thomas Foust

★★★★★ I have gone to a lot of dental offices in my days, however, now I never have to go to another dentist because of Dr. Thompson. He is an excellent dentist and I don't care if I have to drive a little longer to visit him, I will drive many miles to have Dr. Thompson as my dentist.
Lenny Gackle

★★★★★ I first visited North Richardson Dentistry Associates for my consultation appointment with Dr Fred Thompson, and I have to admit he is the best doctor I have visited. Dr. Thompson is a popular and admired dentist, so I knew I was in great hands.
Charlene Parmley

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You can browse some of the work we’ve done before in our Smile Gallery. We want the people who come to us and use our services to go away feeling more confident about their smile. This is our overarching philosophy that we apply to every case we handle. You can see this for yourself in the results we’ve produced for our patients over the years. Everything our staff members do will be geared towards achieving a better smile for you. We want you to be happy with your teeth and how they look. If you’re not sure about what lies ahead, looking at the outcomes of our work is a must. You’ll see that our promises are always followed through.

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